Beef filket tartare€ 19,00

with horseradish and apple

Burratina from Andria€ 16,00

with anchovies of Cantabric and fruit of capers

(4, 7)

Chopping Board Valtellina€ 16,00

“Formaggio nostrano” a selection of ONLY LOCAL CHEESES with a side of honey
Right for 2 people


Chopping Board Piacenza and Bergamo€ 16,00

A selection of delicious ONLY COLD CUTS from the Bergamo, Parma and Piacenza regions
Right for 2 people

(1, 7)

Mixed Chopping Board€ 19,00

A mix selection of cold cuts and local cheeses
Right for 2 people

(1, 7)

Big Mixed Chopping Board x4€ 30,00

A large mix of cold cuts and local cheeses
Right for 4 people

(1, 7)

Pasta and Soup

Pasta with Sicilian pistachio pesto and pork fray€ 16,00
Gazpacho€ 14,00
Kids Pasta€ 10,00

topped with tomato or oil

Cold orecchiette pasta€ 18,00

with crudités of shrimp lime marinated and the Mediterranean tuna bottarga

(1, 2, 7)

Homemade spaghetti€ 16,00

San Marzano tomato sause, stracciatella cheese from Puglia and basil gelée


Duck chest€ 24,00

with pink onion sweet-and-sour

Filet of perch fish of the lake€ 22,00

with vegetable caponata

Swordfish carpaccio bundle cooked€ 22,00

with aubergines, tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano.

(1, 4, 7)

Beef fillet€ 27,00

with reduction of red sicily wine Syrah and baked potatoes

Zucchini cooked at low temperature€ 7,00
Potatoes (baked)€ 6,00
Salad€ 5,00

only green leaf

BIG mixed salad€ 10,00

A big mixed salad with tomato, carrot and cucumber

Mixed salad€ 7,00

Mixed salad with tomato, carrot and cucumber

Caponatina€ 7,00

Cooked vegetable, served cold: zucchini, peppers, pine nuts, raisins

Pistachio Cheesecake€ 8,00
Mascarpone millefeuille with fresh berries€ 8,00
Chocolate mousse€ 8,00

Venezuelan Cocoa with Halen salt and olive oil of Lake Como

(1, 3, 7)

Semifreddo coffee Barbera 1870€ 8,00

on walnuts and hazelnuts crumble and maple syrup



Champagne Bouzy Grand Rosè Paul Barabottle € 69,00


White Wine


Red Wine

Brunello di Montalcino “Vecchie Vigne” Siro Pacenti 2016bottle € 139,00


“Vigna dell’Impero” San Giovese Valdarno Rosso Tenuta Sette Ponti DOC 2015bottle € 99,00


Amarone della Valpolicella Ambrosan 2010bottle € 79,00


Sforzato 2013 (Nebbiolo ) Cantina Menegolabottle € 79,00

Lombardia –  Valtellina

Barbaresco “Bricco di Neive Riserva” Dante Rivetti DOCG 2015bottle € 69,00


Dessert Wine

MUSA€ 7,00

Goldon Ale – 5° – IBU 22
Fresh hop produced with hops at Km0 cultivated in the Galbiate hills from LupoLecco.
Fresh and thirst quenching, very balanced and pleasant. The floral notes of the hop does not affect the scent of malt.
The fine and velvety foam, the dry and elegant body with the finally fruity final give this beer a great drink. The base of this Fresh Hop and our great classic muse but hopper in the aromatic part with mountain hops.


Double Single Hop APA – 7,7 – IBU 50

Beer characterized by a single hop, Simcoe hops, coming from the Yakima Valley. Used in repeated infusions, from the beginning of boiling up to the Whirlpool and still in dry hopping: a true protagonist.
Almost orange color and compact and persistent foam, presents an intense aroma of resins and tropical fruit, with a good body and a firm bitter but not too persistent.
With its 7,7 ° dangerously hidden by an intense aroma of Simcoe, it is powerful as a herd of bison and brings closer to heaven, it causes mystical visions: a great spirit.


Blond Ale – 4,5° – IBU 16

A Blonde Ale with juniper berries and elderflower. Straw yellow, bright, with white and fine foam. Perfume of malt, flowers and freshly cut mountain meadow. Refreshing and floral, elegant and delicate from the balanced final. Serrada Blonde Ale is a simple, warm and enveloping beer that lets you know in a hurry. Bring the name that the Spaniards gave Monte Resegone, a giant that overlooks Lecco, to which it is dedicated.
Still water carafe€ 3,00

1 lt

Sparkling water carafe€ 3,00

0,75 lt

Coca-Cola€ 4,00

in vetro / in glass bottle

Coca-Cola Zero€ 4,00

in vetro / in glass bottle

Gazzosa Lurisia€ 4,00
Orange Soda Lurisia€ 4,00
Fever Tree Tonica Indian€ 5,00
Fruit juice in bottle€ 3,50


Fresh orange juice€ 5,00
Cinzano Bianco Dry€ 7,00


Martini Bianco€ 5,00


Cinzano Rosso€ 5,00


Oban€ 6,00


Tallysker€ 7,00


Laugaulin€ 8,00


Glendalough€ 8,00

Irish whiskey – Single Malt – 13anni

Grappa OF€ 7,00

Grappa Torbata

Grappa Bianca€ 6,00


Zacapa€ 8,00

Rum da degustazione

El Dorado€ 8,00

Rum da degustazione

Ilegal Mezcal€ 9,00

distillato di Agave

Nero di Como€ 6,00

Liquirizia e miele di Como

Baileys€ 6,00

Irish Cream

Montenegro€ 5,00


Amaro del Capo€ 5,00


Branca Menta€ 5,00


Fernet Branca€ 5,00


Vecchia Romagna€ 5,00


Grand Marnier€ 5,00


Sambuca€ 5,00


Caffè€ 2,00
Caffè Americano€ 3,00
Caffè corretto€ 3,00
Caffè doppio€ 4,00
Caffè lungo€ 2,00
Caffè lungo macchiato€ 2,00

caldo o freddo

Caffè macchiato€ 2,00

caldo o freddo

Cappuccino€ 3,50
Caffè freddo€ 4,50


Decaffeinato€ 3,00
Ginseng€ 3,00

Grande o piccolo

Orzo€ 3,00

Grande o piccolo

Cioccolata€ 4,00
Cioccolata con panna€ 4,50
The Caldo€ 4,00

Covered …. € 3,00